Top 5 Health Benefits Of Oat Flour You Should Know About!

Oat flour has a tremendous amount of health benefits that many people simply don’t know about, so here’s our guide to oat flour!

oat flour

Oat flour is considered to be a really great gluten-free option to add into countless recipes, and for those with or without gluten allergies oat flour truly is an incredible source of vitamins and mineral as well! A lot of people don’t consider oat flour to be gluten-free, but it technically is considering that oat flour doesn’t contain gluten and instead has a protein called avenins.

All of us at Happy African Tropical Foods highly regard our oat flour products, and we know that many Americans love oat flour and all of its uses without even knowing just how healthy it can be.

So here are the top 5 health benefits associated with oat flour!

1. Helps Reduce The Chances of Heart Disease

Dietary fiber intake and cardiovascular/coronary heart diseases are closely related, and it’s been found in recent studies that about 20 grams of fiber per day can actually help reduce your chances of heart disease by about 15 percent!

Oat flour contains both soluble and insoluble fiber content, which is why many health specialists have suggested regular oat flour intake along with other high-fiber foods to help prevent heart disease.

2. Lowering Cholesterol

This is one of the big reasons why oat flour is so beneficial to our hearts, because it has been proven to help lower LDL or bad cholesterol levels. To be more specific as to why oat flour helps lower cholesterol, it’s primarily within the beta-glucan found within oats that helps lower LDL levels.

Beta-glucan is known for being very great at limiting the overall absorption of cholesterol as it travels throughout our small intestines, and this ends up having ripple effects all throughout the body!

Recent medical research has indicated that an individual can reduce their LDL cholesterol levels by about 10 percent when they regularly consume oat flour or other water-soluble fibers like it!

3. Oat Flour Is Great For Diabetics!

Medical studies have proven that oat flour can be really beneficial for those struggling with all types of blood sugar issues, including diabetes. It’s important to note that diabetics should eat oats with moderation, but there’s no denying how impressive the health benefits are for diabetics when they include oat flour within their daily routines.

Oat flour helps diabetics when it comes to lowering their blood sugar, and lowering LDL cholesterol levels is also very beneficial for diabetics. So many people with type 2 diabetes are utilizing oat flour to help them control blood sugar levels, and it’s providing profound health benefits!

4. Helps Decrease Blood Pressure

Oat flour has also been known to do wonders in terms of helping those with blood pressure issues and hypertension. It’s been scientifically proven that oat flour and regular oat intake can provide a tangible improvement in terms of systolic and diastolic blood pressure units, which is rather incredible considering that lowering blood pressure is not very easy for so many people!

5. Oat Flour Is A Satiety Star

Everyone knows just how filling a bowl of oatmeal is in the morning, so it’s pretty clear just how well oat flour and oats in general can help people hold themselves over for several hours each day.

Oat flour technically is whole oats grounded up, so it’s really easy to add it into all types of recipes and meals in order to help provide the meal with a little more substance and satiation. Oats are on the higher end up of the breakfast food scale in terms of satiety index, so it truly is a star food when it comes to filling people up!

Reach Out To The Happy African Tropical Foods Team For More Information About Our Oat Flour Products!

Our oat flour products come in two different sizes, 2 pounds and 5 pounds, and we’re confident that adding our oat flour into your diet can help you reap many different health benefits along with the 5 benefits we discussed in this article.

As always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 770-740-9515 today to get in touch with our team who can answer all of your questions about our oat flour products!

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